Garage Door Repair

Given the importance of garage doors in providing entry and exit from homes, it is essential to keep them in good shape. Like every other mechanical and electrical device which can develop faults unannounced, garage doors can spring up surprises as well, but the instances of these could be minimized by paying attention to simple faults as well as keeping a door professional at a phone call away for the big fixes. For safety reasons, major garage door repair Madison WI should be handled by professionals; however, in case of minor issues that are proving difficult to handle, call a trained technician as well.

Majorly, door faults could mean a malfunctioning safety sensor, damaged opener, faulty spring or in some cases, a combination of the 3. This is not ruling out the possibilities of other issues such as cable damage, dents, broken glass, hinge damage and more. Whichever be the case, there are signs to watch out for and also maintenance steps to take in order to ensure longevity of garage doors.

Here are few symptoms that could suggest a need for repairs:

  • Uneven door movement: This could be as a result of a damaged spring or warped track. In the event of either, a professional should be contracted for repairs or replacements. The great tension in a typical spring mechanism is a potential injury cause, so issues involving door springs should never be a do-it-yourself project. Call one of our technicians in Madison, WI to handle this for you.
  • Door making loud noise while in operation: While this could be a simple problem to fix, it might also indicate more serious problems that only a professional can properly diagnose and fix. In most cases, noisy doors can be silenced by simply applying a suitable lubricant to the tracks, clearing it of debris or doing both. If noise persists after taking this measure, then a technician from our office in WI should be called to examine the tracks immediately.
  • Door neither opening nor closing: There could be several reasons for this which might involve the opener, sensor or wheel track. Try replacing the opener battery or checking for obstructions to the sensor to solve this problem. If both measures fail to address the issue, then you might want to check for obstructions or dents in the wheel track which only a technician can fix.
  • Door falling rapidly than normal: This could likely be due to broken chains or cables which can be fixed by a trained hand.

In all, carrying out routine maintenance on garage doors Madison WI is a habit every door owner must pick. This can help to elongate the life span of doors as well as expose repair needs on time. Lubricating the moving parts is also necessary for a hitch-free operation; therefore, use an appropriate lubricant subsequent to cleaning with a solvent like WD-40 on the rollers, hinges, roller tracks and the bearings on torsion spring openers. Also, watch out for lose screws, tighten immediately and remove any rust with steel wool. For wooden doors, consider adding weather-stripping to protect it from possible adverse effects of changing weather conditions. Remember, if the operations of your garage door places doubt on its “wellbeing,” call our Wisconsin office immediately. A technician will be sent to do a proper diagnosis and recommend necessary measures.