Garage Door Openers

Without much ado, one of the most important components of garage doors is the opener, a slight damage to it, and you might be shut out. Generally, in relation to having components such as lights, sensors, the control panel, motor and overhead rail; garage doors look alike. What separates a type of door opener from another is basically the drive system which also determines noise levels, mode of operation and pricing.

For proper guidance as to which of the door types to opt for, here is a description of each type with emphasis on the pros and cons.

Chain Drive Openers: If you will be operating a detached garage, this might be the best option as you will have to bother less about the major drawback – It utilizes a sturdy chain to move the overhead doors through their track. The strength of this type of opener lies in its affordability and extreme reliability.



Belt drive openers: For attached garages, this is the best option as the problem of noisy operation which is the case with the chain drive has been eliminated with a system of soundless belts made from durable materials. In other words, vibration is reduced to the barest minimum and it is as reliable as a chain-driven system. However, the major con is that it is a bit more expensive.

garage door screw drive openerScrew drive openers: With this type, the trolley is simply operated by a threaded steel rod. The major advantages include less components resulting in less maintenance and high durability. On the downside, screw-driven openers are often noisier than belt-driven and chain-driven units. Additionally, they are often to slower in operation compared to the speed of other types.

jackshaftJackshaft openers: These type of door openers were initially designed for commercial doors although it can now be found in some homes. Unlike other systems which require mounting on the ceiling, jackshaft openers are mounted on the wall and operated by a DC motor attached to the side of the torsion rod. The motor drives the pulleys and cables which turn the torsion bar resulting in closing and shutting of the door. The major pluses lie in its quietness, reliability, and suitability for garages with low and high ceilings alike. On the downside, jackshaft openers are more expensive than other types of openers.

Regardless of the type of opener you settle with, carrying out routine maintenance checks could ensure longevity and aid detection of faults earlier enough. Also, it is advisable to always keep your doors safe and free from unwanted access with the following tips:

  • Avoid leaving your door remote in your car.
  • Avoid leaving the garage lights on at night and when out of town.
  • Ensure the cord attached to the emergency release lever is removed.
  • Have a wireless keypad installed.
  • Have motion sensor lights installed.

In all, if there is a need to make any form of adjustments to your door, refer to the door manual for safety reasons or better still, call our Madison, WI office, one of our experts will be glad to attend to you. You can always count on us for your garage door openers Madison WI.